John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Where to from Here?

There are many more scenarios that might be played out:

Switching the mine at Clanwilliam.

Servicing the Valley Fruit Grower’s warehouse at Arrowhead.

Main line meets and passes at Taft, Albert Canyon and Glacier.

Yard work at Field and Kamloops.

Servicing reefers at the icehouse in Revelstoke.

Supplying coal, oil and railway supplies to Arrowhead and Revelstoke.

Only your imagination is the limit.

John Marlor modelled the age of steam,

specifically the year 1937. But the layout can

be used with TrainPlayer to mirror todays

operation. The main difference is that there

are now two tunnels under Rogers Pass. In

1984 the Canadian Pacific Railway began

construction of the Macdonald Tunnel, the

longest railway tunnel in the western

hemishphere. Longer and at a lower elevation

than the Connaught Tunnel it opened in 1988

and is used for the heavier loaded westbound

trains while the Connaught Tunnel is used for

the mainly empty lighter eastbound trains.

The Story of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Happy railroading!


West portal of the

Macdonald Tunnel.

Note the track to the right

heading to the west portal of

the Connaught Tunnel farther

up the Illecillewaet Valley.