John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Yard Work at Revelstoke

Over the years, the administrative and operational division structure

of the railway changed. Before the turn of the century, the entire

route west of Laggan (Lake Louise) was called the Pacific Division.

Then in 1899, Revelstoke became a major divisional point for the

Canadian Pacific Railway complete with divisional offices, and large

locomotive shop facilities for the servicing of steam locomotives.

Revelstoke also served as the junction point for the Arrowhead Lake


During World War I, the term “division” was applied to smaller areas,

for example between Field and Kamloops (the Revelstoke Division) and

“subdivision” was used for sections over which crews would operate

before crew changes, for example the Mountain Subdivision from Field

to Revelstoke and the Shuswap Division from Revelstoke to Kamloops.

Revelstoke dispatchers controlled operations between Field and

Kamloops (the Revelstoke Division).

Today, Revelstoke remains an important railway centre for the

operation of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Calgary to Vancouver


On John’s Mountain Division layout, the operation of trains was also

costly requiring a great deal of lost time switching equipment and the

use of many crews and locomotives. Trains needed to be divided into

units and helper locomotives added for the trip west over the Eagle

Pass and east over Rogers Pass. In addition there was freight from the

south arriving over the Arrowhead Subdivision, which needed to be

redirected east and west over the main line.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-10RR.rrw

From file JM-010RR.rrw:

• Select locomotive CP 4115 at Field and proceed with passenger train

to Revelstoke making stops at Glacier and Albert Canyon.

• Turn and move locomotive CP 4145 to the coaling tower.

• Select Revelstoke yard switcher CP 962 and place boxcar CP 181101

and flat car CP 100495 on the east end of the

fourth track from the station.

• Pick up reefers CP 288338, CP 288339 and CP 288501 and place

on the west end of the fourth track from the station.

• Move reefers CP 288501 and UP 20072 to next to ice house.

• Pick up boxcars CP 222346, CP 223422, CP 224390, CP 225 067,

CP 225240, CP 225241 and CP 222343 and place

east of flat car CP 100495.

• Pick up caboose CP 437110 and place west of reefer CP 288501.

• Add locomotives CP 4145 and CP 4111 to the head (east) end of

the consist next to box car CP 222343.

• Wait for arrival of passenger train CP 4115.

• Proceed with freight train CP 4111 to Albert Canyon.

• Remove boxcar CP and flat car CP from the Waverly Mine to the

passing siding.

• Spot box car CP and flat car CP on the mine supply track.

• Proceed to Glacier.

• Cut out helper locomotive CP 4111.

Proceed to Field with freight train CP 4145.

• Return locomotive CP 4111 to Albert Canyon and

pick up boxcar CP 181131 and flat car CP 303318.

• Return to Revelstoke, spot cars in the yard and return

CP 4111 to the yard service facilities.

Save file as JM-11RR.rrw.



Yard Work at Revelstoke