John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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The Waverly mine at Albert

Canyon was not a prosperous

mine, but on John's layout it

thrived producing coal. Next

to Revelstoke and Arrowhaed,

it provided challenging

switching, the mine being on

one side of the main line and

the yard on the other. In

addition to supplying empties

and removing loaded coal

cars, there was timber to be

supplied for mine

construction. A hoist next to

the mine housing facilitated

unloading of timber from flat

cars. Bunk houses were

provided for the miners,

although undoubtedly some of

the managers could afford

housing in the town were they

raised their families. Mom

watches as dad paints the

kids sand box. Notice the

broom and shovel on their

stand, almost hidden behind

the switch signal. These were

used to clear snow and ice

from the switch points in



Albert Canyon Mine