John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Unloading the Arrowhead Barge

Arrowhead linked the Canadian Pacific Railway’s mainline with

two destinations to the south, Nakusp on the eastern shore half way

down Upper Arrow Lake and Robson at the southern end of Lower

Arrow Lake. In the early days, both were terminuses of short line


The Columbia and Kootenay Railway from the Columbia River at

Robson to Nelson opened on May 31, 1891 and was an immediate boost

to the settlement and commercial development of the district. The 28

mile (45 km) railway line bypassed an impassable section of the

Kootenay River. It was the Canadian Pacific Railway’s first branch line

in the Kootenays. In time, Canadian Pacific Railway incorporated the

short standard gauge route into a more extensive rail system spanning

southern British Columbia, which included the famous Kettle Valley


The Nakusp and Slocan Railway was chartered in 1893. Construction

began from Nakusp and was completed in 1895. The line allowed the

Canadian Pacific to extend its influence further into the mining

districts of the Kootenays and, in particular, to the rich mines of the

Slocan Valley.

On John’s layout the dock at Arrowhead, as was the case for other rail

terminuses, was a busy place. In addition to the Arrowhead Express,

which connected passengers with arriving and departing

sternwheelers, the yard was kept busy unloading and loading barges.

The short lead track constrained movement allowing only two cars to

be moved to or from the barge dock at a time.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 1 hour.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-08RR.rrw

From file JM-08RR.rrw:

Select Arrowhead yard switcher CP 6239.

• Remove cars from barge two at a time taking care to keep

the locomotive off the barge by using the “reacher” car.

• Select locomotive CP 4113 at Revelstoke and add to the consist

on the first yard track (fourth track from station).

Proceed with CP 4113 to Arrowhead.

• Using the Arrowhead yard switcher CP 6239 and, were needed,

locomotive CP 4113 make up a consist of the unloaded cars to return

to Revelstoke with locomotive CP 4113 and caboose CP 436790.

(I’ll let you figure out how you want to do this).

• Proceed with CP 4113 to Revelstoke and park consist on the

first yard track (fourth track from station).

• Move locomotive CP 4113 to the servicing yard.

Save file as JM-09RR.rrw.