John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Delivering Fuel Oil to the Connaught Tunnel

After a series of disastrous avalanches in Rogers Pass in the early 1900s

it was decided to construct a tunnel under Rogers. The planned tunnel

would cut the climb in half, shortened the distance by four and a third

miles and do away with curves (the loops) equal to seven circles.

The contract for the new tunnel was awarded in July 1913. Official

operation of trains through the five-mile-long, double-tracked

Connaught Tunnel under Rogers Pass began on December 9, 1916. To

provide greater clearances for oversized boxcars and tri-level auto

transporter cars, Connaught Tunnel was single -tracked early in

November, 1958.

With the completion of the tunnel, the problems and hazards of

operation over the “High Line” through Rogers Pass, particularly

during the long, cold months of the Rocky Mountain winter, finally

were ended.

Ventilating machinery was provided at the west portal, because the

top of the 2% grade westbound was only a few hundred feet inside the

tunnel from the western portal. Ventilation was designed not to suck

air out of the tunnel, but to force air into it against the ascending

trains, thereby blowing the exhaust gases back over the train. This

benefited the engine crew but was a hardship for the train crew. The

ventilating fans were not used when eastbound or downgrade trains

entered the tunnel.

A duplicate plant was installed consisting of two multi-blade fans

powered by diesel engines. The engines burned California crude oil,

which was the same kind of crude oil used by the oil-burning steam

locomotives of the Canadian Pacific, between Field and Vancouver,

British Columbia. Crude oil was delivered to a short siding to the right

of the west portal that accommodated one car.

Similarly, on John’s layout the siding rose steeply and was level

enough at the top to accommodate only one car.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 1 hour 35 minutes.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-07RR.rrw

From file JM-07RR.rrw:

Select locomotive CP 4145 at Field.

• Proceed to the passing siding at Glacier.

• Replace tank car CP 389026 with CP 389593.

• Add tank car CP 289126 to the consist.

• Proceed to Revelstoke through freight track

(third track from the station).

• Move locomotive CP 4145 to stall #4 of the roundhouse.

• Move locomotive CP 4111 to stall #6 of the roundhouse.

• Move locomotive CP 4114 to stall #1 of the roundhouse.

Select Revelstoke yard switcher CP 962 and place tank car

CTLX 304 next to fuel the oil storage tanks.

• Turn locomotive CP 4112 and add to the consist on the

through freight track (third track from the station).

Proceed to Kamloops.

Save file as JM-08RR.rrw.



Supplying Fuel Oil

for the Connaught Tunnel

Ventilation System