John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Albert Canyon Coal Turn

Approximately half way down the Illecillewaet River Valley from

Rogers Pass to Revelstoke was situated the town of Albert Canyon.

Little is left of the town as it once was. The remains of Albert Canyon

are a “ghost” town situated a short distance south of the present day

hot springs pool site.

The village of Albert Canyon, the gorge and the hot springs were all

named for Albert Rogers, nephew of Major Rogers, who undertook

many exploration trips in the area, including the discovery of Rogers

Pass. Throughout the years of steam, Albert Canyon was a “pusher”

station, with a small roundhouse built in 1916. It is believed that

railway workers discovered the hot springs and dug and lined a pit

with timber, which was used as a “hot tub” by visitors and residents

for many years.

The canyon, or gorge, was situated 2 miles (5 km) east of the town

where tilted rock strata caused the river to pours through a narrow

gap with tremendous impetus. The rock walls of the gorge ascend

nearly vertical from the water’s edge 147 feet (47 m) to the Canadian

Pacific track bed. In the early days, a platform was erected above the

chasm, and passenger trains stopped several minutes to allow the

passengers to enjoy the wild beauty of the place.

On John’s layout, the gorge was not modeled. Rather operations

focused on the Waverly Mine, which as a coalmine supplied coal to the

service facilities at Revelstoke, Arrowhead and via main line shipment

east and west to other parts of the continent.

Switching at Albert Canyon was challenged by the fact the mine

resided on one side of the station track while the yard and sidings

were on the other.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 1 hour.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-05RR.rrw

From file JM-05RR.rrw:

Select Revelstoke Yard Switcher CP 962 and assemble train

(ore cars CP 350803, CP 354742, CP 354711, CP 354600, CP 354594,

CP 331602 and cab CP 435128).

• Park locomotive CP 962 clear of locomotive CP 4112.

Select locomotive CP 4112, add to the above consist and

proceed to Albert Canyon.

Exchange empy ore cars (CP 350803, CP 354742, CP 354711,

CP 354600, CP 354594, and CP 331602) for loaded cars at the mine

(CP 430, CP 431, CP 569, GT 75169, GT 75169 and CP 354594).

Return to Revelstoke with loaded ore cars.

• Place cab CP 435128 back on the cab track and move locomotive

CP 4112 to the yard near the roundhouse for servicing.

Save file as JM-06RR.rrw.



Loaded coal cars are pulled from

the Waverly Mine and replaced

with empties from Revelstoke