John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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gives rise to a dense forest

which is home to many

animals. Can you spot the

bear in the picture? The

bridge crosses Loop Creek.

The peak in the background is

Mount Dawson. By 1937 the

loops were long gone. In fact

the track no longer crossed

Loop Creek as it came out of

the west portal of the

Connaught Tunnel on the

north side of the Illecillewaet

river. Below is the

Illecillewaet Glacier in Rogers

Pass, source of the

Illecillewaet River.


The Selkirk Mountains


The rugged Selkirk Mountains

have almost a "tropical"

climate. Being the first high

range east of the Pacific

Ocean they strip much of the

moisture from the prevailing

westerly winds. In addition

to heavy snow falls in the

winter, averaging 60 feet

(20 m) in Rogers Pass, heavy

rainfall in the summer