John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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The Big Stink Extra (Main Line Running)

Historical Notes

The area around Kamloops has been a cattle-producing area since the

mid-1800s. One of the largest ranches the Gang Ranch, 170 miles

(274 kilometer) northwest of Kamloops, came into being in 1865 as the

Canadian Ranching Company. Over the years it grew to over 1 million

acres (404,000 hectares) thus becoming one of the largest cattle

ranches in the world. It was one of the earliest ranches in the area to

use irrigation, water being routed down a side-draw in large volume to

irrigate hayfields. It is believed that it was the first ranch in the area

to use the double-furrowed gang plough from England to build

irrigation ditches and thus the cowboys began calling the ranch “The

Gang”. Over it’s 143-year history (1865-2008) the Gang Ranch has seen

much hardship, tragedy and bankruptcy. Tragedies included the loss of

3,000 cattle to a cold winter in 1878. The bankruptcy of 1982 inspired

two books about the legendary ranch, The Incredible Gang Ranch, by

Dale Alsager (ISBN 0-88839-211-7) and The Gang Ranch, The Real Story,

by Judy Alsager (ISBN 09682883-0-8).

On John Marlor’s Canadian Pacific Mountain Division cattle were

transported not only east from the Gang and other ranches to the

west, but also east to west from the vast cattle producing area the

prairies and the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta to markets on the

west coast and beyond.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-04RR.rrw

From Layout JM-04RR.rrw:

Select locomotive CP  4122 at Kamloops.

• Depart Kamloops for Taft.

Pull into the siding at Taft to await CP 1172.

• Select locomotive CP 1172 at Revelstoke.

Proceed with westbound passenger to Kamloops.

• Select locomotive CP 4122 at Taft.

Proceed to Revelstoke.

Stop on the “through freight track”, third track from the station.

• After a brief stop, proceed to Albert Canyon and stop on the

passing siding to await CP 1178.

• Select CP 4114 at Field.

Proceed to the siding at Glacier.

• Select locomotive CP 1178 at Revelstoke.

Proceed with eastbound passenger to Field stopping briefly at

Albert Canyon and Glacier.

• Select CP 4122 at Albert Canyon.

Proceed to Field.

• Select locomotive CP 4114 at Glacier

Proceed to Revelstoke with a brief stop at Albert Canyon for a

brake check. Stop on the first yard storage track, fourth track

from the station.

• Select locomotives CP 963 and CP 4111 and move to gain access for

CP 4114 to the fuel oil storage tanks.

Move locomotives CP 4114 to the oil tanks for refueling.

Save file as JM-05RR.rrw.


Main Line Running

As we saw in a previous scenario, TrainPlayer you can run more that

one train at a time. Thus, there are many ways you can modify the

above scenario, depending on your dexterity.

For example, you could start the cattle train CP 4122 towards Taft and

the start the westbound passenger CP 1172 towards Kamloops timing it

so that the cattle train made the passing siding before the passenger

arrived at Taft. Once the passenger had passed, the cattle train could

proceed to Revelstoke without waiting for the passenger to reach

Kamloops. Of course you will have to keep an eye on both trains as

they are moving simultaneously. Don't forget to turn off "Auto-Follow".

If you think you are even more dexterous, start the freight CP 4114

towards Glacier. You could plan the meet for Albert Canyon and have

passenger CP 1178 proceed eastbound while the freight is westbound.

You would then have four trains moving at once. Good luck!


The Big Stink Extra passes

through Albert Canyon westbound