John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Assembly of the Arrowhead Express

No sooner was the Canadian Pacific railway completed through British

Columbia than concern arose as to who would capture the lucrative

trade to the south were mining was developing. Both the Canadian

Pacific Railway and American railways were being attracted to the

region. American railways eventually built branch lines north of the

49th parallel to capture some of the trade.

The Canadian Pacific Railway took action by first purchasing existing

steamboats then building their own fleet on the three lake systems

which provide north to south routes between the Rocky and Selkirk

mountain ranges (Kootenay Lake system), between the Selkirk and

Monashee mountain ranges (Arrow Lakes  system) and west of the

Monashee mountains (the Okanagan Lake system). Then in 1893 they

commenced construction of a branch line south from Revelstoke to the

head of  Upper Arrow Lake, a distance of 25 miles (40 km). The line

was completed in 1896 with the town of Arrowhead on the northwest

shore of Upper Arrow Lake as the southern terminus.

On John’s layout, the Arrowhead Express ran south daily from

Revelstoke to meet sternwheelers arriving at Arrowhead. It consisted

of a baggage car and two coaches, stored at Revelstoke east of the

station and assembled by the yard engine prior to departure.

TrainPlayer Scenario

Time required to complete: Approximately 15 minutes.

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-01RR.rrw

From file JM-01RR.rrw:

• Select the Revelstoke Yard Switcher CP 962.

• Move Baggage Car PB 2742 from siding beside Revelstoke station

to station track.

• Run around and pick up Coaches CP 1105 and CP 1142.

Place train at station.

• Run yard switcher back to the yard.

Save file as JM-02RR.rrw.