John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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Notes on using TrainPlayer

To operate trains realistically set your operating preferences

accordingly. The operating setting shown below have been found to

provide realistic operation. Speed settings in "MPH" are as indicated on

the speed dial (Note: These are only settings and do not actually

represent these speeds, thus the use of quotation marks).

A maximum speed in "MPH" of 10 (speed dial at 60%) is realistic for

John's layout. With this setting it takes approximately 20 minutes for

eastbound passenger CP 1178 to travel from Kamloops to Field

(including the loop at Field).

When TrainPlayer is launched (opened) check to see if "View" is set to

"tracks" viewing. If so, turn off track viewing (select to uncheck).

Also, if you have the tracklayer program, check to ensure you are in

the "RUN" mode.

Select locomotives using "Show Car ID's" from the "Train" menu rather

than the "Train List" in the "Train" menu. The list will keep changing

and locomotive identifications will disappear as, for example, when

you combine two locomotive to double the Illecillewaet Valley.

On occasion in TrainPlayer you may have difficulty uncoupling

between cars. One work-around is to add a car at the point in your

consist where you want to uncouple, uncouple using the added car,

then select and remove the added car.

One Finger Operation

On a Mac running OS X (OS 10.5

Leopard at least), keyboard

shortcuts may be set up so that

many operations can be achieved

with one finger control. Open up

"System Preferences", select

"Keyboard & Mouse" and at the

bottom of the window click the "+"

button. Restrict shortcut to

TrainPlayer and select shortcut

key. The figure shows how I set up

my number pad to control train operation.

Starting Your Journey

TrainPlayer file JM-01.rrw starts the sequence of scenarios. You may

save session at any time by saving the JM-01 TainPlayer file but note

that unless you have previously saved a copy of the file or download it

again fro this website, you will loose the files original disposition of

rolling stock and motive power.

As you play through the scenarios, you may continue to use your

updated file or download files with the starting disposition of rolling

stock and motive power for each scenario. Links to these files are

found at the beginning of each scenario.

Have fun!