John Marlor's Canadian Pacific

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TrainPlayer File Installation

The following scenarios will take in total 12 or more hours to


To operate trains you will need a copy of TrainPlayer. This software

comes in both Macintosh and Windows versions and may be

downloaded from the TrainPlayer web site. You can try out the

software by downloading a fully functional demo which is free for

10 days. After that you need only purchase the $29.95 US TrainPlayer

package to operate the scenarios included with this website.

If you wish to construct other layouts purchase the $49.95 US package,

which includes both TrainPlayer and Track Layer, or you can purchase

the TrackLayer program later.

TrainPlayer requires two files, a background image file and a track

plan file. For the scenarios presented in this website the background

file is an overhead digital image of John Marlor's layout. The track

plan has 265 pieces of rolling stock and 23 locomotives distributed as

you might have found then on John's layout.

Download Instructions

• Right click on the following link and download the

background file 150.jpg to the desktop:

 RIGHT CLICK here to download background file 150.jpg

• Place this file in the TrainPlayer folder.

• Next, right click the following link to down load the

track plan file JM-01.rrw for the first scenario:

RIGHT CLICK here to download track plan JM-01RR.rrw

• Place this file in the TrainPlayer folder.

• Done.


The following code change should not be necessary, but in the event

that the background does not appear when you open a scenario, check

and, if necessary, correct this line of code.

The TrainPlayer file (e.g., JM-01RR.rrw) is linked to the image file

(150.jpg) by the following text link within the TrainPlayer (e.g.,

JM-01RR.rrw) file:


This can be viewed and, if necessary, corrected to point the

TrainPlayer file to the image file.

Open the TrainPlayer file (e.g., JM-01RR.rrw) in a text editor, such as

Microsoft Word (select “Open”, then select “Open All Document”,

then the TrainPlayer document [e.g., JM-01RR.rrw] from the "John

Marlor's CP" folder).

The line of text "bitmap=" is near the top of the text in the TrainPlayer


For Windows it should read: bitmap="150.jpg"

For a Macintosh the full path may be required:

bitmap="/Volumes/LaCie Disk/TrainPlayer/John Marlor's CP/150.jpg"

(i.e., the file "150.jpg" is in the folder "John Marlor's CP" which is in

folder "TrainPlayer"on "LaCie" which is an attached external hard drive