MBC 2010 TS 12 Route

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Canadian Pacific Railway's Mountain

Subdivision: Field to Revelstoke

British Columbia, Canada 2010 (TS 12)

MBC 2010 was originally created in Trainz 2010. Assets for vegetation were

selected to achieve a prototypical look in Trainz 2012 (TS 12).


MBC 2010 represents the Canadian Pacific Railway's Mountain Subdivision

in the year 2010. Other eras to follow.

When directly ported into TS 12 the look of vegetation is drastically changed.

Grass and some trees show a “billboard effect” which spoils the appearance of

the scenery. Some tree are automatically substituted for trees which do not look

as good.

Recently I have been converting the route to TS 12 using some of the newer

vegetation developed by JVC. The down side is that it is payware (MBC 2010 in

Trainz 2010 was done with all freely available assets). The upside is that it looks

great. Jankvis uses a new technique called “turn-to-camera” which allows him to

make great looking stuff with out the billboard effect and which should perform

well, as it is of poly count.

What follow is a series of pictures being taken as the route undergoes a change

in scenery in TS 12.


MBC 2010 as developed for Trainz 2010


MBC 2010 directly ported into TS 12


MBC 2010 with new scenery TS 12


Close-up of MBC 2010 with new scenery TS 12