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MBC 2010 554 (Current)

MBC 2010 version 554 is the current version (April 2012).

Also included , in addition to the improvements added to version 554:

• Consolidation of previous sessions.

• Addition of new sessions.

• Minor fixes.


Most of the assets in MBC 2010 554 are available on Auran’s (N3V) Download


Most are freely available (not payware).


Here is a downloadable list of assets for MBC 2010 (pdf format)

sorted according to:




Assets new to version 554 (required in addition to those in version 445)

are listed in red.

Third party assets are listed in green.

Assets "built-in" to Trainz 2010 are listed in yellow.


Here are downloadable lists of locomotive and rolling stock assets for

individual trains used in MBC 2010 sessions (pdf format):

9901 MBC 2010 Grain

9902 MBC 2010 Potash

9903 MBC 2010 Container

9904 MBC 2010 Forest Products

9905 MBC 2010 Coal

9906 MBC 2010 Mixed

9907 MBC 2010 Grain

9908 MBC 2010 Potash

9909 MBC 2010 Container

9910 MBC 2010 Forest Products

9911 MBC 2010 Coal

9912 MBC 2010 Mixed

9913 MBC 2010 Via Rail

9914 MBC 2010 Forest Products

9915 MBC 2010 Forest Products

Third Party Assets

Websites other than Auran's Download Station (DLS) where

assets have been obtained:

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Project


Greenery by trunda

Jointed Rail


RRMods (North American Railroad Models)

Trainz Depot (In German: Use Google Chrome to translate.)

Trainz Pro Routes