MBC 2010 Route

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Signal System


In the MBC 2010 I wanted the signal system to give me useful and clear

information. Therefore, I set it up so that at a divergence (switch; turnout;

junction) the upper signal (aspect) indicates whether you are going to go to the

right and the lower signal indicates whether you are going to go to the left.

Generally I use the “North American Right hand Rule” (we drive on the right side

of the road). So both westbound and eastbound trains generally keep to the right

at a divergence.

Switch stands

I asked a brakeman in the CPR yard near me how it is determined which way a

switch stand is set, that is which way is green and which way is red or, in yards,

yellow. He thought for a moment and replied, the green position is the position

in which the switch stand is normally left, that is the position in which it is

locked. I have used this rule.


Diverging right


Diverging left


Main line is to the right

siding to the left