MBC 2010 Route

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Industry on the Mountain Subdivision

By 2010 the number of industries adjacent to the Mountain Subdivision of the

Canadian Pacific Railway had diminished substantially relative to the early years.

The establishment of National Parks along the route eliminated logging and

mining. Many of the mines established in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s proved

unprofitable years later and closed down. Many towns vanished and, as the

railway and tourism are the only industries employing significant numbers in the

area, the population has gown slowly. Current population of Revelstoke is about

8,500 and of Golden only about 4,400.

On the MBC 2010 local rail traffic services the few remaining or new industries,

and the railway itself. Silica sand is mined near Moberly, processed at Blaeberry

and shipped by rail. Shipping pallets are (surmised to be) produced at

Illecillewaet from lumber obtained from either the Revelstoke or the Monashee

Saw Mills.

Logging in the upper Columbia River Valley supplies logs to the mill yard at

Donald and they are then hauled to the Revelstoke Saw Mill or the Monashee Saw

Mill. The Monashee Saw Mill produces lumber where as the smaller Revelstoke

produces both ties and lumber. Ties are hauled to Six Mile, Golden and Field

along with rail when needed for general track maintenance, and to make repairs

after avalanches and rock slides.

The fleet of coal cars, hauling coal from the south through Golden, is maintained

at the shop in the Golden South Yard, which is supplied with wheels and other


As little is made locally, Revelstoke has a number of trackside industries

receiving goods, i.e, propane, sand, general goods (containers), and pipe. In

addition to ties, lumber and containers, scrap metal including crushed cars are

shipped out.