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MBC 2010 552 (Archived)

MBC 2010 version 552 was released in March 2012.

It differs from the previous version (445) as follows:

• New tunnels and tunnel portals and, in particular,

the Connaught Tunnel, the Maconald Tunnel, and

the Shaughnessy Tunnel by bnsf50.

• New Shaughnessy Viaduct by bnsf50.

• New signalling system covering all of the main line and

auxillary (e.g., passing) sidings.

• Prototypical interactive industries.

• New and (I think) much improved sessions.

• Many other fixes and improvements.

The version has been archived. It is still available here if you have written

session for it or other wise have reason to download it. However, if you do not

have a specific reason to down load it, I would recommend that you download

the current version which includes all of the previous sessions along with new