MBC 2010 Route

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In the two and a half years I spent creating the MBC 2010 route I never had a

problem with loss of data. Then I started to create sessions and everything got

"mucked up". Dermmy came to my rescue with instructions as to how to create

multiple sessions assigned to one route in Trainz.  Basically, once one starts to

create multiple sessions the route must not be altered. Then I discovered that to

change portal settings one has to unlock the route layer. However, if this is done

while creating or modifying a session all seem to be well.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to modify the route and or sessions I have

attached a version number to each. The version number of the session clarifies

to which version of the route the session belongs. So a route file name appears

as  “MBC 2010 445” where “445” is the version number. An associated session has

the name “MBC 2010 445 …”, e.g., “MBC 2010 445 East to West”. I have provided

the session files along with the route file on the download page.

The current route and sessions are version 552 (March 2012). Older versions (i.e.,

445) are still available but listed as "archived".