MBC 2010 Route

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Long-Haul Route

The Canadian Pacific’s Mountain Subdivision passes through rugged mountanous

terrain much of it national parks still with little to no development. It is a

challenging long-haul route for Trainz. The assent to both the Kicking Horse Pass

and Rogers Pass has steep grades, as much as 2.2%.

The Kicking Horse Pass through the Rocky Mountains from the summit west to

Golden is single track with several passing sidings. From Golden through Rogers

Pass to Revelstoke is essentially double track with sections of single track. The

Columbia River Valley north of Golden is double tracked for a ways before

becoming single track with passing sidings at Donald, Redgrave and

Beavermouth. The Beaver Valley is essentially double tracked as the line splits to

approach the Connaught and Macdonald Tunnels, respectively. West of the

tunnels the upper Illecillewaet River Valley is double track to Flat Creek then

single track to Albert Canyon with a passing siding at Illecillewaet. The line is

then double track from Albert Canyon to Revelstoke.

The sessions are designed first to

give you an introduction to the

route, then to emulate long-haul

through traffic on the Mountain

Subdivision which is part of the

Canadian Pacific's transcontinental

main line.


Container train passing through Revelstoke


Looking east from Field