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East of the Kicking Horse Pass the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Laggan Subdivision

more or less follows the Bow River to Calgary. The name “Bow” refers to the

reeds that grew along its banks, which were used by the local First

Nations peoples to make bows. ThePeigan name for the river is “Makhabn”,

meaning “river where bow weeds grow”.

One particular location on the mainline has become known as “Morant’s Curve”

a favorite spot of photographer Nicholas Morant. Located at mile 113 on the

Laggan Sub it is about 7 miles (12 km) east of the kicking Horse Pass on the Bow

Valley Parkway.

From 1929 to 1981, through the age of steam and into the age of diesel electric

locomotives, Nicholas Morant photographed the Canadian Pacific Railway

eventually becoming the official photographer for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

He photographed all aspects of the Canadian Pacific’s many companies; hotels,

steamships, trucks, airlines, oil wells, mines, logging, etc., but is probably best

know for his photography of the railway. Many of his railway photographs were

published in “Nicholas Morant’s Canadian Pacific” by J. F. Garden, Footprint

Publishing, Revelstoke, British Columbia 1991.

Today, Morant’s Curve remains a favorite spot for rail fans and tourists alike to

photograph consists that regularly ply the Laggan and Mountain Subdivisions.

The following is a collection of links on the Internet to photos and videos taken

at Morant’s Curve.


Click on images to enlarge.

Morant’s Curve on a foggy morning

Morant’s Curve

Morant’s Curve images


Morant's Curve is one of the most famous and most popular photo and video

sites along the Canadian Pacific Railway. In the first video below, the train

appears around a curve from the East (Banff), swing through the picture

on a wide curve and exit around another curve heading for Lake Louise.

#111 - Canadian Pacific's Morant's Curve

Grain Train at Morant's Curve 2010/08/07

CP 8714 at Morant's Curve 2010/08/09

CP 8872 at Morant's Curve 2010/08/07

CP Rail - Morant's Curve No1

CP Rail - Morant's Curve No2

CP Rail - Morant's Curve No3

CP Rail - Morant's Curve No4

CEFX 1044 at Morant's Curve

Morants Curve Feb 2008 Part 1

CP 2816 at Morants Curve Canada


Posted: October 16, 2012


The Bow River Valley and Morant's Curve


Bow River Valley near Morant's Curve


September 3, 2007