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Well, I haven’t actually counted them. However, if anything I think that figure

may be conservative.

The Mountain Subdivision of the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia is

all about trees (and mountains). The Kicking Horse Pass in the Rocky Mountain

Range passes through Yoho National Park. Rogers Pass in the Selkirk Range passes

through Glacier National Park. So most of the route is still wilderness.

Given the limitation of my knowledge, skills, Trainz (and time), I have tried to

the best of my ability to upgrading the MBC 2010 Mountain Subdivision circa

2010 route for Trainz Simulator 12.

Comparison of the these Utube videos (Rockey Mountain Express and Trains and

a Blak Bear) with the following stills taken of the reworked MBC 2010 hopefully

show my attempt to create a route as prototypical as possible.

The reworked MBC 2010 pushes the limit of TS 12. Having completed the

reworking of the scenery, work is under way to achieve a balance between the

visual and functional aspects.

Over the next few weeks I will post pictures of the route and comment on the

challenges of pushing the limits of TS 12.

When everything is optimized to the best of my ability and the limitations of TS

12 hopefully I will be in a position to post the route to my website.


1,000,000 Trees and Counting


Posted: September 12, 2012


Columbia River Valley north of Golden


September 12, 2012


Moberly on the Columbia River north of Golden


September 12, 2012


Glenogle Siding on the Kicking Horse River


September 12, 2012


Ottertail Siding west of Field


September 12, 2012