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When the avalanche hit Rogers Pass Station on January 1st, 1899 the two

Chinese caretakers inside the bunkhouses, which housed the 40-man snow

shoveling gang, were not seriously hurt as the bunkhouses were rolled over and

over. The forty-man snow-shovel gang had been called away to clear another

avalanche and so were also spared.

Initially, I used an available asset from N3V’s DLS (Download Station) for the

bunkhouses on my Canadian pacific Railway’s Mountain Subdivision circa 1887.

However, while this asset was compatible with Trainz 12 version 48822, it

proved not to be compatible with Trainz 12 version 63388 (and thus will

probably not be compatible with Trainz: A New Era, when it is released).

Rather than finding another asset, I chose to construct two bunkhouses using


The first, constructed from a 34-foot wooden boxcar has transparent windows

and a finished interior.

The second was constructed from an outside braced wooden car.

This second car was converted into a storage shed with open door and finished



Posted September 4, 2014


Bunkhouses at Rogers Pass Station


Bunkhouse 1 MBC074 (kuid:431633:111598).


Bunkhouse 1 showing transparent windows and finished interior.


Bunkhouse 2 MBC075 (kuid:431633:111616).


Storage Shed MBC076 (kuid:431633:111619).