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On the western frontier next to the railway station, the hotel was probably the

most important and prominent building in town. As the town prospered so did

the hotel.

In 1887 the Queen’s Hotel in Golden, British Columbia was a crude affair.

It appears to have been originally a sod roofed shack (on the right in the photo)

constructed from rough-hewn logs with one widow and one door in the front and

probably with no other windows or doors. At some later date a somewhat larger

and enhanced second cabin appears to have been added. This one had a log roof

and two windows in the front. The two cabins were tided together by a porch

also constructed with a log roof.

Later (1890s?) the original Queen’s Hotel was replaced by a new two-story

structure with clapboard siding. All that was retained from the original hotel

was the sign, which was unceremoniously hung on the side of the building where

it would be clearly visible from the station.

The new hotel underwent considerable changes over the years. Around 1894 the

sole tree behind the hotel was chopped down to make room for a new three-

story addition (will require you to zoom in to see it). Building surrounding the

hotel were also undergoing upgrading either being renovated or torn down and


Eventually the Queen’s Hotel took on a somewhat grandiose appearance with

the addition of castle like turrets to the front over the porch.

Today, the hotel is long gone as is the station, which also saw its share of



Posted: October 29, 2013


The Queen's Hotel, Golden, British Columbia


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