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Shaughnessy Viaduct Heading East

Shaughnessy Viaduct Blowing Up


Shaughnessy Viaduct Oncoming

East Portal Macdonald Tunnel

Emerging East Portal Macdonald


Macdonald Tunnel Conductor View

Macdonald Tunnel Heading East

Rear View Macdonald Tunnel

Now If Only The Road Were Done

Jordan Spreader High Plow Front

Jordan Spreader High Plow


Jordan Spreader High Plow Rear

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The Jordan Spreader is a combination spreader-ditcher that is, or was,

used on just about every railroad in North America. What it lacks in

beauty, it more than makes up for in its versatility. Various plows,

wings and blades are used to dig ditches, trim brush, build banks,

distribute gravel, and plow snow. The first ones were built in the


Over the years several models were designed and built including:

"Knuckle Braced",

"Standard" series,

"Type A" series (introduced in 1923),

"Type J" series (introduced in 1955),

Roadmaster series (in production until the late 1960's).

The most recent was built in 2000 for snow plowing on

the Alaskan Railroad. Known as Jordan Spreader #9, it has

advanced electronic controls that allow the locomotive engineer

to control the locomotive from the Jordan Spreader cab. This

gives the engineer an upfront view and the ability to communicate

directly with the crew running the wings instead of via radio of the

situation. A pistol-grip joystick controls the raising and lowering of

the wings and also can be used to control throttle and brake.

Two locomotives, one facing forward and one facing

backward, shoving from the rear usually power Jordan Spreaders.

UTube Videos

Jordan Spreader plowing snow on the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad (2011)

Jordan Spreader plowing snow in Canadian National's Egerton yard in

London, Ontario (2010)

bnsf50 Trainz Assets

Recently bnsf50 has uploaded three assets of the "Type J" series to

the DLS: a Southern Pacific (kuid2:39134:100422:1) and CP Rail

(kuid2:39134:100422:1) with a front-end high plow for snow removal,

and a CP Rail (kuid2:39134:100428:2) without the front-end high plow,

used for build banks and distribute gravel.

The Type J has a high glassed-in cab at the front for optimum visibility

by the separate crew that operates the unpowered spreader.

Jordan Spreaders at work on the MBC 2010 Route

CP Rail Jordan Spreaders are pictured clearing snow in the Selkirk

Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. CP Rail 402960 can be seen

clearing snow at the eastern end of the Shaughnessy Viaduct

(also a bnsf50 asset kuid:39134:100397 and kuid:39134:100398).

CP Rail 402895 has just exited the eastern portal of the Macdonald Tunnel

(another bnsf50 asset kuid2:39134:100374:2 and kuid:39134:100376).

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Complete source of Jordan Spreader info on the web

Snow Fighting on the Alaskan Railroad


The Jordan Spreader


Posted: July 2, 2012


CP Rail #402998 "Type J" Jordan Spreader (2012)