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Pofig Trees (Shrubs and Grass)

If you have been following the Trainz Forum you no doubt are aware of the

superb 3D SpeedTrees being crafted by Pofig:

Speed Tree by

Speed Tree by Pofig


Pofig's website is in Russian.

To translate into English, or other languages, use Google's Chrome Browser.

You can set the browser to automatically translate when the website, or

any page in the website, is opened.


Files are listed alphabetically by file name.

File Name Structure

Pofig’s file name structure is as follows:

e.g., 3DE_Pg_EK_Ph1_2-726


3DE is theClass. Others: 3D1, 3DA, 3D, 2D


Pg is theAuthor. Others Russian: Dim, Cr.


EK is the Series. Others: Abh, BMO, SLD, RA.


Ph1_2 is the Model and number. Usually does not make sense but in this

case it is the reduction of  “Peach”.


726 is the number of polygons.

TRam has provided a key for the classification of file names:

Gr - grass

K, Ks, Kt - "куст" - "bush"

B - "берёза" - "birch"

Db - "дуб" - "oak-tree"

D - "дерево" - "tree"

E, El - "ель" - "fir-tree"

S - "сосна" - "pine tree"

Kl - "клён" - "maple"

T - "туя" - "thuja"

subname d - "дальнее" - "for using in background"


The ruler in the pictures is in meters.

Download and Installation

1. Download file from Pofig’s website.

Links are provided for each group of trees listed below.

2. Unzip files that are packaged using WinRAR, available free from

WinRAR’s site.

3. Open Content Manger and drag a CDP to the Download window.

4. When installing updates choose 'Overwrite' if prompted, but then go

to the 'Open For Edit' tab and delete any and all Pofig trees found there.

This will remove the update with the unused files. Now install the CDP

again, the second time choosing 'Skip' if prompted since anything

duplicated now must be a new tree just installed.