Blender Tools

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Blender Tools

Blender is an open source program consisting of a suite of tools for 3D creation. Some

of the tools available are built in while others are available as addons. Many are very

useful, if not essential for using Blender to make Trainz models. Others are of little or

no use, particularly for the beginner.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of tools and their respective functions.

What I present here is a start at compiling and illustrating a list of tools that are needed

to use Blender to make Trainz assets.  It takes time to prepare these tutorials so I am

not sure how far I will get. There are a lot of tools to cover but, hopefully, those

featured here will help to get you started in using Blender to make Trainz assets.

Blender Tools

Install Blender Extensions (Addons)

Cutting Edges and Faces in Blender

Subdivide Tool

Loop Subdivide Tool

Knife Tool

Edge Tools

Mesh Edge Tool

Smart Two Edges Intersect Tool

Vertex Tools

Vertex/Edge Slide Tool

Modeling with Vertices


Last updated: February 14, 2015