Blender Notes

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Ooze: Over

In previous tutorials I have started with the Cube primitive (a performed Blender shape). In this

tutorial I will use the Circle and the Cylinder, two more of the 10 performed shapes (or primitives)

that are provided as starting points in Blender.

My intent is to introduce a new Blender tool, the Extrusion Tool, which allows one to extrude

(Ooze) a shape, and a new Trainz ability, the ability to add features in the config.txt file that

influence the capability of the asset. In particular, we will construct a wagon wheel then in the

config.txt file program it so that it can be leaned (Over) against a building or be laid flat on the

ground. I will also introduce a number of other Blender tools and features as we go along.


Last updated October 22, 2013