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Slice and Dice

(Blender's Loop Cut and Slide Tool)

One way to go about modelling is to approach it as a sculptor might. Take a block of medium,

e.g., clay or ice, big enough for the sculpture or model to fit inside, mark the part you want to

remove, and then remove them to reveal the sculpture or model inside. I remember last winter

watching an ice sculptor sculpt an ice carving. He took a block of ice, marked out the form of the

sculpture with a black paint, and then used everything from a chisel to a chain saw to remove ice

to reveal the sculpture.

Blender has a tool that is ideal for this approach, the “Loop Cut and Slide” tool. The loop cut

places a loop around an object and immediately allows you to slide it to your position of choice.

This is the marking part. I like to place all the loops, or as many as I can, before starting to

“remove” the parts that will not be part of the finished model.

In this next project I will feature the use of the Loop Cut and Slide tool to make the Optometrist’s

Office which has been posted to the DLS (KUID:431633:109082).

This project builds on the previous projects so you should complete them first, or at least assure

yourself that you are familiar with the material covered there.


View Neal Hirsig's video tutorial:

Loop Cut and Slide


Last updated October 15, 2013